About |be.|

I’m Bailey Hutton, founder of  |be. mindful childcare|.

I am an experienced child carer and child discipline specialist. I have worked in the industry for 11 years as a private nanny, preschool teacher, learning center curriculum writer, after-school program director, parent adviser, researcher, and more. I apply parenting and teaching strategies rooted in mindfulness, neuroscience, and child psychology to bring about positive and edifying discipline experiences for parents, teachers, and children.

The terms “carer” and “educarer” were coined by Magda Gerber, parent/child advocate, founder of Resource for Infant Educarers (RIE), and revolutionary pioneer in the field of infant and toddler care. In the introduction of her book Your Self-Confident Baby, she explains, “‘Educarer’ means one who educates children in a caring manner. And I prefer to use the word carer rather than caregiver or caretaker because a carer neither gives nor takes. […] A carer puts love into action.” It is from her inspiring words I have chosen to use those terms in my own work. It is my sincere hope that it will aid and inspire the parents, educarers, and carers it reaches, the way the work of Magda Gerber and many others have aided and inspired child carers like me.

The term “discipline” comes from the Latin word disciplina and means in essence “to teach.” Far from the connotations we commonly apply to this word (coming from the recent ages of “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” ect.), this word is used more literally by child psychologists and parenting experts to refer to strategies which help our children to learn. Whether we work with children as professionals or parents, we mean to correct children to prevent future repetitions of poor choices, and to guide them toward more constructive actions. The discipline approaches discussed here will always aim to teach.

In addition to caring and teaching, child care experts agree that mindfulness (called by many names: awareness, consciousness, etc.) is a key component of loving child care. Spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson reminds us, “We cannot give what we do not have; We cannot bring peace to the world if we ourselves are not peaceful. We cannot bring love to the world if we ourselves are not loving. Our true gift to ourselves and others lies not in what we have, but in who we are.” This directly applies to the way we discipline, and is a foundational concept in my own philosophy of child care.

As I have worked for the last eleven years as both an educarer and carer, I have learned and continue to learn exciting ways to find JOY in caring for children.

I want to share what I have learned in my years of experience. I want to help to educate and inspire the teachers, parents, and carers of Today. 

That is why I have founded be., and that’s why I have started this blog.

I look forward to this journey of exploration, revelation, and elevation, and I welcome you to join me.

Today and always, I wish you well.